Installation: September 14

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July 6 Update

Our to-do list seems to be growing as we continue on this journey. There are many facets to creating a multimedia entry when there are seemingly endless options. We have plotted our work days on the calendar for the rest of the summer and have been thinking about the timeline of events leading up to ArtPrize. We’re working on transferring the many ideas in our heads into the finished art.

We laid out some of the materials we are planning on using in the multiple frames. Image



Our idea for this project was to highlight the differences in communication, mobility, and sensory stimulation for individuals with disabilities. We want to change how the general public views disabilities and the negative stigma behind the word. The idea behind the structure was to incorporate the different aspects in their own frame with two solid pieces to connect the ideas. The first frame will have various modes of communication often seen within the community. These tools have greatly enhanced the opportunites for communication with peers. The second frame will have different mobility objects. This frame will capture the forms of movement enabled by assistive devices. The sensory stimulation objects housed in the third frame will provide an opportunity for the public to interact with this piece.

We want people to not only rethink individuals with disabilities but to look into themselves as well, recognizing that we have more similarities than differences.